Taking Social Seriously
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Taking Social Seriously

Social media happens to be one of the most effective ways for individuals and businesses  to increase traffic and generate new leads. The revolution created in the digital media hasn’t spared anyone in the media, and increasingly organisations globally have realised that a social media presence is no longer a nice to have but rather a necessity.  Social Media has helped organisations understand their brand value in a way that they were not able to previously.   However, the use of efficient management tools is necessary for successful and effective campaigns.

Social media has changed the way businesses interact with their internal and external audiences;  but managing these conversations has been a major challenge. The key to a successful social media profile is to be able to respond to queries real time and companies have achieved this by making optimum use of the social media tools which are now available in the industry. One of the greatest benefits of using these tools is that, the communication team is now able to man different platforms simultaneously.

Some examples of the popular tools used by organisations are  Hootsuite, Buffer, SocialOomph, Tweetdeck and SocialFlow. Of the above mentioned, Hootsuite has been accepted as one of the best tools in the industry with many organisations using it to manage the conversations happening on multiple platforms in one format. Buffer has been used extensively to share files ranging from videos, pictures, links, articles to interact with their internal and external stakeholders.

Tweetdeck has been effectively used by communication experts within the organisations to constantly watch their social platforms and has also been extremely helpful when looking at scheduling tweets for the day. Another popular tool is SocialFlow, which is used to ensure the optimisation of the organisations messages.

The floodgates of communication between organisations and their customers have been opened wide due to the onset of social media. Never before have businesses felt the need to ensure proper customer service as they do today. Communication experts have ensured that their organisations are not only aware about the ways in which customers have used social media to reach out to either praise or complain about the organisation or brand, but also made them aware about the repercussions of not responding to them.

Social media has made sure that each and every individual has a voice, and social media management tools have helped organisations discern these voices from the noise. Engaging directly with the customers is an essential ingredient for success these days and tools have helped organisations ensure that they are not being left behind in the race to succeed.


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