PR Index
“Time and again, the agency’s publicity clips have made the phone ring…”

PR Index

PR Index is a unit-based billing system that quantifies PR activity. Developed by marcusbrewster, it is our proprietary methodology and is applied across the board to all of the agency’s clients.

In its simplest terms, the Index assigns a set number of units to the most common media and public relations tasks we perform. It’s like having a restaurant menu of options from which to choose with the cost clearly delineated upfront. Each unit becomes a building block, enabling the client together with the agency to design and construct an appropriate campaign that delivers measurably against client budgets.

PR Index delivers:

  • a welcome solution to clients wanting to balance fee input and PR output
  • complete transparency
  • budgetary control upfront, yet remains flexible for expanding campaign
  • accurate, upfront campaign forecasts based against set agency outputs
  • hard-wired measurability and easily auditable return on investment

The core values of PR Index are:

  • measurability
  • transparency
  • simplicity
  • fair value

Originally launched in August 1997, the Index is regularly updated to reflect changes in both the media and PR landscape as well as media consumption patterns.

Consultation Rates

Outside of the PR Index, marcusbrewster bills on an hourly rate for consultation and non-media activity. Hourly rates are amortised into units and reflected on timesheets as PR Index units.

Measurement and Reporting

marcusbrewster employs its proprietary, deliverable-driven billing methodology, the PR Index, as its core model; making it easier and more effective for both client and agency to create an auditable trail of fiscally reconciled PR and Communication activities.

marcusbrewster employs several reporting and measurement methodologies in order to track success and progress on strategic implementation:

  • daily online, broadcast and print media monitoring of client & competitors
  • weekly status reports and meetings
  • monthly media reports
  • quarterly brand reputational analysis and competitor comparative analysis
  • annual communication report

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