On traditional PR and Facebook suicide
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On traditional PR and Facebook suicide

June/July 2012

Chairman’s messageAfter attending a PR conference in Amsterdam last month, I took the opportunity to travel around Eastern Europe.The most valuable lesson I learned from behind the erstwhile Iron Curtain was about the inevitability of change – and how quickly people reset to the new normal.As battlefields like Germany, Austria and Poland were the theatre of war, it’s both salutary and sobering to consider how much has changed since WW2. From rebuilt cities like Dresden to Auschwitz being a tourist destination, it’s amazing to consider that somebody born before 1945 would not have had TV, frozen foods, contact lenses, credit cards, ballpoint pens or air-conditioners.

A war baby would therefore have lived through the arrival of split atoms, laser beams, pantyhose, dishwashers, electric blankets and drip-dry clothes. Their generation was before day-care centres, group therapy, Internet dating, nursing homes, FM radio, yoghurt – and guys wearing earrings!

Although we talk about the rapidity of technological change these days, it’s easy to overlook how much change our parents and grandparents (from the ox-wagon to the space shuttle) have lived through. And also how much technology has become redundant – the video machine and the typewriter, to name just two.

It was thus fascinating to return to SA and hear my staff discussing the phenomenon of Facebook suicide (people deleting themselves from the site) and to read a prediction that Facebook would be gone by 2020.We’ll be back next month! Marcus Brewster, chairman marcus@marcusbrewster.com 

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Pick your poison. If the goal is to create a social media brand presence you have to know what your core content and conversation offerings are. You might think Tweeting about any and all subjects creates interest – but it does exactly the opposite.

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