“marcusbrewster is one of the most professional media relations agencies in Cape Town, if not in the whole of  South Africa. Outstanding … a league above its peers.”

“MBP has been innovative in using an array of strategic PR platforms to ensure that the health and development messages that JHHESA is seeking to promote are addressed through not only health journalism but also in the terrain of entertainment, sports etc.

The interventions by MBP have been extremely successful in ensuring the placement of the JHHESA brands in the minds of the intended target audience. In addition to supporting the PR efforts of JHHESA, MBP have been strategic in supporting our internal communications with stakeholders including the JHHESA newsletter, the web and social media platforms used to support the campaigns. In addition to the PR support, MBP has used its position to support the development of strategic partnerships with other corporate clients of MBP that have ensured further reach and traction of our campaigns.”

- Richard Delate, MD, Johns Hopkins Heath And Education, South Africa

“The Neo Africa Sing it Loud, Sing it Proud competition was intended to grow public brand recognition for Neo Africa, as a FIFA 2010 World Cup South AfricaTM National Supporter, in the run-up to the global football showpiece tournament… Marcus Brewster Publicity managed to generate hundreds of competition entries from around South Africa, as well as strong ongoing public interest in the competition’s outcome. The competition also enjoyed widespread print, radio and online coverage and hype.

The Neo Africa Sing it Loud, Sing it Proud competition ultimately achieved its stated aims, and that with a budget (which was) a fraction of the normal cost of a comparable nationwide competition.”

- Vivien Natasen, Founder and CEO Neo Africa

“The Africa United campaign, along with the PR and communication activities conducted on our behalf by the agency delivered results beyond our expectation.

MTN commends marcusbrewster for the exceptional implementation of a sound strategy wherein a significant portion of our 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa sponsorship leverage and consumer communication was seeded during the period.”

- Cambridge Mokanyane, MTN

“The value that marcusbrewster has added to the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, and will continue to add, is tremendous. Your Johannesburg office does you proud on an ongoing basis and wee look forward to some exciting activities as we launch two new experiences together.”

- Craig Allenby, Manager: Commercial Services and Business Development, National Zoological Garden

“Time and again, the agency’s publicity clips have made the phone ring and we have secured many contract enquiries which were solely attributable to the agency’s many outreach initiatives. My business unit has eschewed all other forms of marketing in order to focus on where we enjoy the most direct return- and that is public relations.”

- Ryan Hammond, Solairedirect South Africa

“marcusbrewster is an outstanding media relations practitioner. The staff are always available when we call, even after hours, and consistently maintain a friendly, polite and professional demeanor.”

- BusinessDay News Worth Knowing

“marcusbrewster is one of the most professional media relations agencies in Cape Town, if not in the whole of South Africa. Outstanding … a league above its peers.”

- CNBC Africa

“In a space where there are too many run of the mill PR practitioners and glorified party planners calling themselves media relations professionals, marcusbrewster is a definition of what the industry should and can be, and stands head and shoulders above their peers.”

- Sunday Times

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